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Simple Interface

Stream It uses a simple interface making it easier for the user to find what they're looking for. With easy to follow navigation and drag and drop uploads, Stream It will have users up and running from the first time they login.

Stream It is built on bootstrap to make it responsive regardless of the device you are on. Without all the extra "noise" on the page, Stream It will allow you to get right to what you were looking for in the cleanest possible format.


Stream It offers an administration panel that doesn't require a knowledge of programming to get things done. Login with your administrator account and then make changes as easy as turning on a light switch.

From analytics to recent comments, the power is in your hands to get whatever information you desire without having to submit a request ticket to your help desk. Manage categories, tags, and user accounts with ease.

About Stream It

Stream It is a web based streaming video repository that is not only easy to use, but also easy to install and manage. Stream It makes uploading a video and streaming it back anywhere easy and ad free. Streaming video behind your firewall or on an intranet is easily done with Stream It. Easy to embed, key word searching, browsing the repository, comments and moderation, Stream It has all of this and much more.

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Tech Specs


Optimized with the latest in HTML and CSS standards for streaming video and integration with any platform.

Responsive Design

Made to work on any device from smart phone to tablet to desktop, you won't need to sacrifice functionality for screen real estate.

Built on Opensource

Designed to grow using PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Java, and Bootstrap.


A minimum of PHP 5.5 is required, however, if you would like to upload videos larger than 2Gb it is required to have PHP 5.6.


For a true streaming experience, Stream It is optimized for Wowza® Streaming Engine. Wowza® requires that Java be installed to run properly.


Stream It leverages the UNIX environment to encode videos using FFMPEG, bash scripting, and cron jobs.

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